General FAQ

Does the festival take place online or offline?

The festival takes place offline. We prepared two venues for you: CineStar and Eldorado. From the 20th-23rd of October we will showcase our selected movies at CineStar and from the 24th– 26th of October we will be at Eldorado.

Where can I inform myself on the supporting program apart from the films?
All information regarding our supporting program is available under supporting program. Furthermore, you can receive more news and current topics by following our social media.

Where can I get news and changes concerning the program?
Our social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and our homepage will have all information concerning our program as well as possible changes.

How can I contact the team oft the Film Festival for further questions?
You can just ask away during the festival at our information booth or reach us via mail info@project-k-frankfurt.de.

Which safety-measures against Covid-19 are applied in the theaters?
Currently there are no safety-measures against Covid-19 in place. Nevertheless, you must follow the instructions made by our team members or the cinema staff. We would also recommend you wear a mask.

Film FAQ

Where can I get further information regarding the films?
Information about the films and their playtime and place is listed under CineStar and Eldorado. Both theatres will show different films each.

In which language are the films available?
All films will be shown in the original version (Korean) with either English or German subtitles. More information on which film will have which subtitle is available on each movie’s page.

Ticket FAQ

How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets can only be purchased online. Our website will link you to the ticket sale. If you run into difficulties our team will be available at an information booth at the theaters. You can also reach us via mail: info@project-k-frankfurt.de. Tickets can be brought either as a printed version or as an e-ticket.

How do I redeem Coupons?
You can redeem coupons during the online purchase of a ticket. There will be an extra box for voucher redemption. Both voucher and tickets are non-refundable.

Can I reserve tickets/seats?
Tickets/seats cannot be reserved.