Supporting Program (2023)

This year, we would once again like to offer the opportunity for our visitors to experience both Korean movies and Korean culture at our festival. That is why we are delighted to be able to offer a multifaceted supporting program of events adjacent to our festival, which will offer something to everyone!

This year’s motto “Encounters and Relationships” has inspired this section of the festival. That is why intercultural exchange and the relationship between Germany and South Korea represents the focal point of our event program this year. We therefore would like to invite you to let yourself be immersed into Korea’s multifaceted culture. We look forward to meeting you all at the events of our supporting program!

Location: CineStar Metropolis

ProgramThur., 26.10.Fri., 27.10.Sat., 28.10.Sun., 29.10.
Hanbok Fitting18:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:00
Games and DIY Booth18:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:00
Film Quiz and Lottery18:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:0016:00 – 20:00
Calligraphy17:00 – 19:0017:00 – 19:00
Fire-Noodle Challenge19:00 – 20:00