6th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt

Korean Film Festival Frankfurt 2017 Poster

The sixth Korean Film Festival took place at Cinestar Metropolis in Frankfurt from the 18th of October till the 22nd of October in 2017. Alongside a program filled with various aspects of Korean culture, visitors were given the opportunity to enjoy food and blockbuster movies.

The movie highlight this year was “A Taxi Driver” produced by Jang Hoon who illustrated the history of the German journalist Jürgen Hinzpeter during the times of rebellion in Gwangju in the 1980s. Through the portrayal of vivid illustrations, the movie depicts the obstacles of students and working-class people on their journey to freedom and democracy. People were given the opportunity to meet and ask questions to the director Jang Hoon and the actor Thomas Kretschmann after the movie.

There were various movie highlights of different genres like “The Wailing” from Na Hong-Jin, a horror blockbuster, “The Fortress” from Hwang Dong-Hyuk, a historical movie and “The Battleship Island”, an action movie.

The artistic highlight of the festival was the K-POP Dance Contest where 20 selected groups, 10 solo dancers and 12 duos were given the chance to compete against each other through performing dances of a variety of genres.

Visitors were also given the opportunity to try on Korean traditional garments (Hanbok) and take pictures in them. In addition to that, visitors were offered to have their names written in Korean calligraphic fonts on traditional Korean paper or personalizing traditional fans and masks through coloring them accordingly. Merchandise such as shirts, movies of previous festivals, traditional fans and many other traditional goods were for sale and those who wanted to please their appetite were offered homemade Kimbap along with many other Korean delicacies.

Film List

A Taxi Driver택시운전사 (2017)
Confidential Assignment공조 (2017)
Memoir of a Murderer살인자의 기억법 (2017)
Midnight Runners청년경찰 (2017)
New Trial재심 (2017)
Ordinary Person보통사람 (2017)
The Battleship Island군함도: 감독판 (2017)
The Day After그 후 (2017)
The End of April사월의 끝 (2017)
The Fortress남한산성 (2017)
The King더킹 (2017)
The Prison프리즌 (2017)
The Table더 테이블 (2017)
The Villainess악녀 (2017)
The Wailing – Die Besessenen곡성 (2016)
Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned가려진 시간 (2016)
Will You Be There?당신, 거기 있어줄래요 (2017)
K’ARTS/KNUA Short Films
한국예술종합학교 단편영화
Secret on Everyones’s Lips (2016)
The Girl Burying Bodies (2016)
1 Kilogram (2016)
Korea Independent Animation
FERUZA (2017)

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