In Our Prime / 이상한 나라의 수학자

In Our Prime / 이상한 나라의 수학자


Sat. 22.10.2022, 22:30, CineStar
South Korea, 2022, 117 Min., OmeU, (Korean)FSK: 12
Genre: Drama

High school student HAN Ji-woo (KIM Dong-hwi) is desperate about his math class. No matter how hard he tries, he only achieves below-average exam results and is about to give up. One day, he meets janitor LEE Hak-sung (CHOI Min-shik), who turns out to be a math professor who escaped from North Korea. Unwillingly, Hak-sung agrees to tutor Ji-woon. The two develop a friendship until Hak-sung’s past haunts him again and their friendship is put to the test.

Director PARK Dong-hoon presents an entertaining drama with star power. CHOI Min-shik is one of the most famous South Korean actors and well known to an international audience since Oldboy (2003) or the blockbuster The Admiral (2014). 

Director: PARK Dong-hoon         
Screenwriter: LEE Yong-Jae
Cast: CHOI Min-shik, KIM Dong-hwi, PARK Hae-joon, PARK Byung-eun, JO Yun-seo 

Seoul International Children’s Film Festival (2022)
HIFF Spring Showcase (2022)
Buenos Aires Korean Film Festival (2022)