Walk Up 탑


10/29/2023, 5:30 p.m., Eldorado

South Korea 2022, 97 Min, Original version with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15
Genre: Drama
Indie Film

Directed by: HONG Sang-soo
Written by: HONG Sang-soo
Starring: KWON Hae-hyo, PARK Mi-so, LEE Hye-young

Toronto International Film Festival (2022) – Special Presentations
70th San Sebastian International Film Festival (2022) – Official Selection
New York Film Festival (2022) – Main Slate

Byung-soo (KWON Hae-hyo), an acclaimed film director, visits, together with his daughter Jeong-su (PARK Mi-so), an old friend, Ms. Kim (LEE Hye-young), a successful interior designer. The three of them meet in a small, multi-story building owned by Ms. Kim, and chat, eat and drink. Afterwards, Ms. Kim gives Byung-soo and his daughter a tour of the building. She introduces each room on every floor. And floor by floor, short stories unfold, centered on Byung-soo.

In the indie scene, HONG Sang-soo is undoubtedly one of the renowned film directors both in South Korea and internationally. His film The Novelist’s film, which screened at our film festival last year, won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale. Walk Up is HONG’s next film after The Novelist’s Film.