The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra 다섯 번째 흉추


10/27/2023, 10:30 p.m., Eldorado

South Korea 2022, 65 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15
Genre: Horror
Indie Film

Directed by: PARK Syeyoung
Written by: PARK Syeyoung
Starring: PARK Ji-hyeon, MOON Hye-in, HAAM Seok-young, ON Jeong-yeon, JUNG Su-min

Berlin International Film Festival (2023) – Critics Week
Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival, Korean Fantastic: Features (South Korea, 2022) – Best Director, Audience Award, Distribution Support Award
Fantasia Film Festival, Underground Section (Canada, 2022) – Special Mention
Seoul Independent Film Festival : SIFF (2022)

The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra features sequential stories of multiple people. But one thing connects them. All come into possession of the same mattress. After a while, the mattress is constantly banished by its owner to the streets before someone else takes it with them. As the film progresses, it becomes clear why. Due to a growing fungus inside, the mattress seems to develop a life of its own. With each new home, the fungus continues to grow. It physically attacks his owners on their spine and seems to develop into a human creature itself.
Young director PARK Syeyoung graduated from Korean National University with a degree in Arts Film and Video Arts. The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra is his first feature film, for which PARK has won awards at numerous film festivals. With this movie, PARK takes his audience on a visual experience.