The Childe 귀공자


10/27/2023, 7:30 p.m., Cinestar Kino 1

South Korea 2023, 118 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 19
Genre: Action, Drama

Directed by: PARK Hoon-jung
Written by: PARK Hoon-jung
Starring: KIM Seon-ho, KANG Tae-joo, KIM Kang-woo, GO Ara

Asian Film Festival of Dallas (2023)

The Boxer Marco Han (KANG Tae-joo) lives in the Philippines with his mother. He is looking for his Korean father and hopes to get money for his mother’s treatment from him, because boxing alone is not enough to provide for himself and his mother. After an accident, Marco ends up in the hospital and is visited by a lawyer who wants to take him to his father in Korea. Without questioning it, Marco finds himself on the plane and encounters a mysterious man (KIM Seon-ho) who warns him. Rightfully so because different people try to follow Marco after his arrival, including the mysterious man. But does he want to help Marco or is he after him, too?
Director PARK Hoon-jung is known for his successful thriller and action films. With The Childe he manages to take the audience on a tense journey in which both the protagonist and the audience discover the truth piece by piece.