Ransomed 비공식작전


10/28/2023, 5:00 p.m., Cinestar Kino 1

South Korea, 2023, 132 Min, Original version with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 12
Genre: Action

Directed by: KIM Seong-hun
Written by: KIM Jung-yeon, YEO Mi-jung
Starring: JU Ji-hoon, HA Jung-woo, Burn Gorman, LIM Hyung-kook, KIM Eung-soo

Busan International Film Festival: BIFF (2023) – Korean Cinema Today – Panorama

Lebanon, 1986: after the South Korean diplomat Min-joon (HA Jung-woo) suddenly receives a coded message from a kidnapped colleague in Lebanon, he volunteers to lead the dangerous rescue mission. Once in Lebanon, Min-joon is forced to team up with a Korean cab driver named Pan-soo (JU Ji-hoon) to rescue his colleague. An intense search for the lost colleague begins – neither Min-joon nor Pan-soo can survive without the other.
Though the film plot by KIM Sung-hoon is based on true events, the characters are fictional.