Phantom 유령


10/28/2023, 7:30 p.m., Cinestar Kino 1

South Korea 2023, 133 Min, Original version with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15
Genre: Action, Historical

Directed by: LEE Hae-young
Written by: MA Dae-yoon
Starring: SOL Kyung-gu, LEE Hanee, PARK So-dam

Fribourg International Film Festival (2023) – Midnight Screenings
Fantasia International Film Festival (2023) – Cheval Noir

The film Phantom by director LEE Hae-young is set during the Japanese colonial period in Korea in 1933 when the anti-Japanese organizations were active in the dark. It centers around a failed assassination attempt on a new Japanese parliamentarian. Fife suspects, also called the Phantom, are taken to a remote hotel in a fortress and interrogated one by one to identify the Phantom. From now on, all five suspects try to protect their lives and their identity. The fight for survival begins.
Phantom is LEE Hae-young’s fifth film. The script of the film is based on the novel Sound of the Wind by Mia Jia.