​​Oldboy 올드보이


10/27/2023; 22:30 Uhr, Cinestar Kino 1

South Korea 2003 , 120 Min, Original version with German subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 19
Genre: Thriller
Project K Selection: Classic

Directed by: PARK Chan-wook
Written by: Hwang Jo-yoon, Park Chan-wook
Starring: CHOI Min-sik, YOO Ji-tae, KANG Hye-jeong

2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards (Best Director, Best Actor)
2004 Grand Bell Awards (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing), Korean Film Award 2004 (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor), Cannes Filmfest 2004 (Grand Prix)

Trigger Warning: Thematization or depiction of physical, psychologicall and sexual violence

Oldboy tells the story of OH Dae-su (CHOI Min-sik), a simple laborer who spends 15 years imprisoned in a dark room, equipped only with a bed and a television. When he is unexpectedly released, he seeks revenge. Quickly a culprit is identified. The seemingly flawless and rich LEE Woo-jin (YOO Ji-tae). He confronts Dae-su with a choice: does he want to satisfy his desire for revenge or does he want to find out the reason why Woo-jin imprisoned him. OH Dae-su has only a few days to bring the truth to light – a classic race against time begins.

Oldboy is one of the most well-known films in modern South Korean cinema and has won numerous film awards – including the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival in 2004. For its 20th anniversary, the film is being released once again on the big screen.