Next Sohee 다음 소희


10/28/2023, 5:30 p.m., Eldorado

South Korea 2022, 135 Min, Original version with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15
Genre: Drama
Indie Film

Directed by: JUNG Ju-ri/July Jung
Written by: JUNG Ju-ri/July Jung
Starring: BAE Doona, KIM Si-eun

Cannes Film Festival – Critics’ Week (2022) – Closing Film
Fantasia International Film Festival (2022) – Closing Film
International Women film festival of Creteil (2023) – Graine de cinéphage


Trigger Warning: Thematization or depiction of suicide

Vocational school student Sohee (KIM Si-eun) is overjoyed when she is offered an internship at a large call center. But her enthusiasm increasingly turns into anger and disappointment when she is confronted with the harsh conditions and oppressive reality of her new job. In the second part of the film, we meet police officer OH Yoo-jin (BAE Doo-na), who must solve a mysterious death.
Next Sohee by July Jung is a sensitive, emotional drama that revolves around the harsh conditions of the Korean workplace. With impressive images and convincing performances, the director’s second film draws a portrait of two women caught between performance pressure and hierarchies. In 2022, Next Sohee was selected to close the Cannes Film Festival, the first work of a Korean filmmaker to be awarded this honor.