Confession 자백


10/27/2023, 5:30 p.m., Eldorado

South Korea 2022, 105 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15+
Genre: Krimi, Mystery, Thriller

Directed by: YOON Jong-seok
Written by: YOON Jong-seok
Starring: SO Ji-sub, KIM Yunjin, Nana, HWANG Sun-hee

Fribourg International Film Festival (2022) – Premiere
Fantas Porto – Oporto International Film Festival (2022) – Beste Regie Leeds International Film Festival (2022) – Fanomenon
Fantasia International Film Festival (2022) – Sélection 2022
New York Asian Film Festival (2022) – Genre Masters
Undine Far East Film Festival (2022) – Competition Selection

When YOO Min-ho’s (SO Ji-sub) lover KIM Se-hee (Nana) is found murdered, the successful software developer becomes the prime suspect in the investigation of her murder. Insisting on his innocence, Min-ho seeks to hire the accomplished lawyer YANG Shin-ae (KIM Yunjin) to defend him. Innocent or not, there is more to the murder than Min-ho would like to admit …

Director YOON Jong-seok’s intelligent crime drama, which is a remake of the Spanish film The Invisible Guest (2016), thrills through its originality and the outstanding performances by the main cast. Confession is his sophomore film.