Hanbok Fitting & Crafting Table

If you would like to immerse yourself in Korean traditions, it is worth stopping by our Hanbok booth. At our booth you can try on the traditional Korean garment, the Hanbok, and take beautiful pictures in our photo booth!

Traditionally, the Hanbok for women consists of a short jacket-like outer garment, the Jeogori (저거리) and a long skirt, the Chima (치마). The Hanbok for men consists of a Jeogori (저고리), wide-fitting pants, the Baji (바지) and a vest, the Jokki (조끼). While it used to be worn as everyday wear, nowadays it is mainly used for formal occasions such as weddings, festivals, holidays or ceremonies.

We hope that trying on the Hanboks will transport you to another time and make you forget your everyday stress.

We would like to give you the opportunity to learn about Korean crafts! At our painting booth you can color wooden coasters with traditional motifs. Furthermore, you can learn about the traditional craft of Najeonchilgi (나전칠기). It has been practiced in Korea for over 1000 years and describes the decoration of lacquered ware with mother-of-pearl, the innermost layer of the shell. At our workshop you can learn to decorate key rings with the colorful shimmering mother-of-pearl.

By focusing on handwork, we want to give you the opportunity to relieve stress and mentally unwind for a short time.