Gyeong-ah’s Daughter 경아의 딸


10/26/2023, 8:00 p.m., Cinestar Kino 1

South Korea 2022, 119 Min, Original version with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15
Genre: Drama

Project K Selection: Encounters and Relationships

Directed by: KIM Jung-eun
Written by: KIM Jung-eun
Starring: KIM Jung-young, HA Yoon-kyung

Palm Springs International Film Festival (2023) – World Cinema Now
Jeonju International Film Festival : JIFF (2022)
Seoul International Women’s Film Festival : SIWFF (2022) London Korean Film Festival (2022) – Women’s Voices

Trigger Warning: Thematization or depiction of sexualized violence

After the young teacher Yeon-soo (HA Yoon-kyung) breaks up with her boyfriend, he uploads a private sex tape of the two on the Internet and sends it to her friends and family. Yeon-soo’s overprotective mother Gyeong-ah also sees the video, which puts their relationship to a severe test. Yeon-soo can no longer work as a teacher because she is afraid of being recognized by her students or colleagues. At the same time, she fights for her rights and the punishment of the perpetrator. Without being exploitative, the film depicts the devastating psychological and social consequences for victims of such a crime.
Gyeong-ah’s Daughter is the feature length film of director KIM Jung-eun. She received high praises for the impressive presentation of the story, which, at the same time, depicts the reality of many women.