Goethe University Korean Studies Major & Hangeul Workshop

The Korean Studies major has become increasingly popular in recent years. Our festival has a special connection to Korean Studies of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. In 2012, Project K was founded by students from the department and the first film screenings were held on the Bockenheim campus. Therefore, we are pleased to announce this year’s cooperation with the Korean Studies Student Council. As part of the supporting program, we would also like to draw visitors’ attention to Korean culture outside of the film world. If you are interested in the language, history, contemporary culture, politics, and economy of the Korean peninsula, this might be the perfect major for you.

This year, we are offering visitors the opportunity to find out more about the major at the Korean Studies information desk and about the exchange program. The student council offers extensive knowledge reports and impressions of students who have spent their semester abroad at Korean universities. Furthermore, we would like to give the opportunity to get a first impression of the Korean language and writing system. The Korean alphabet “Hangeul” is very easy to learn because it consists of only 24 letters. If you are interested in getting to know Korean writing, you have come to the right place. At the information desk, we offer a crash course in which you will be taught the spelling and pronunciation of the letters.