Hansan: Rising Dragon / 한산: 용의 출현

Hansan: Rising Dragon / 한산: 용의 출현


Sun. 23.10.2022, 19.30, Cinestar
South Korea, 2022, 129 Min., OmeU, (Korean) FSK: 12+
Genre: Action

The film Hansan: Rising Dragon is the second film in a trilogy in which director KIM Han-min depicts historical battles of Admiral YI Sun-sin. This film tells the story of the battle for Hansan Island in 1592. Admiral YI Sun-sin (PARK Hae-il) and his fleet must face the invading Japanese Navy, whose warships are fearsome. However, the Korean military forces are in crisis. To win the battle, YI Sun-sin uses a special ship with a dragon head on the front. Will he be able to prevent the invasion?

Following the huge success of The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014), the highest-grossing film in Korea, director KIM Han-min returns to the big screen with another historical battle and once again manages to wow viewers with a thrilling battle on the water.

Director: KIM Han-min
Screenwriter: PARK Kun-young
Cast: PARK Hae-il, KONG Ji-sarg, BYUN Yo-han, AHN Sung-ki, SON Hyun-ju, KIM Sung-kyu

 AWARDS: Fantasia International Film Festival (2022) – Sélection 2022
Busan International Film Festival: BIFF (2022)
New York Asian Film Festival (2022) Centerpiece