When Spring Comes / 봄날

When Spring Comes / 봄날


Wed. 26.10.2022, 17.30, Eldorado
South Korea 2022, 102 Min., OmeU, (Korean)FSK: 15+
Genre: Drama, Comedy

When Spring Comes is about Ho-Sung (SON Hyun-joo), who had to serve an eight-year prison sentence because of his criminal activities. After his release, he meets his family at his father’s funeral, who are disappointed with his life choices so far and are ashamed of his wrong-doings. At the funeral service, his criminal past, which he wants to leave behind, and his family members unexpectedly collide. When a fight breaks out between the mourners, chaos takes its course.  

Director LEE Don-ku studied Theater at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. In When Spring Comes, he masters the humorous combination of a tragic event and Korean funeral traditions. Despite the serious subject matter, viewers can look forward to an entertaining portrayal of the story. 

Director: LEE Don-ku
Screenwriter: LEE Don-ku
Cast: SON Hyun-joo, PARK Hyuk-kwon, JUNG Suk-yong, SOJIN, JEONG Ji-hwan, SON Sook