Emergency Declaration / 비상선언

Emergency Declaration / 비상선언


Fri. 21.10.2022, 22.30, CineStar
South Korea 2021, 147 Min., OmU, (Korean)FSK: 15
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

During flight KI501 from Incheon to Hawaii, passengers die mysteriously. The pilot tries to save the remaining passengers by making an “emergency declaration” and asking for an unconditional landing. In the meantime, Detective KOO In-ho (SONG Kang-ho) tries to prevent the worst from happening on the ground and aims to save the passengers as best as he can. A race against time begins.

HAN Jae-rim’s disaster thriller premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. The film was also nominated for a number of awards at the Buil Film Awards, which will be presented in early October.

Director: HAN Jae-rim
Screenwriter: HAN Jae-rim
Cast: SONG Kang-ho, LEE Byung-hun, JEON Do-yeon, KIM Nam-gil, KIM So-jin