Dust and Ashes / 축복의 집

Dust and Ashes / 축복의 집


Tue.. 25.10.2022, 17:30, Eldorado South Korea 2022, 78 Min, OmeU, (Korean)FSK: 12 Genre: Drama

Dust and Ashes depicts the difficult life situation of young factory worker Hae-su (AHN So-yo). One day she comes back from work to find her mother dead in her house which is about to be demolished. The film shows the days after her mother’s suicide, in which Hae-su prepares for her mother’s funeral under strange circumstances. Besides dealing with the necessary bureaucratic formalities, Hae-su tries to make her mother’s suicide look like a natural death with the help of a police officer (KIM Jae-rok).Writer and director PARK Hee-kwon creates a depressing and gloomy atmosphere in Dust and Ashes. His socially critical film has gained recognition through invitations to various film festivals. In a calm way, without much dialogue, and visualized by close-up shots, the film focuses on the bureaucratic practices of a funeral.

CREDITS: Director: PARK Hee-kwon Screenwriter: PARK Hee-kwon Cast: AHN So-yo, LEE Kang-ji, KIM Jae-rok, LEE Jung-eun, NA Jong-gi

AWARDS: Film Fest Gent (2020) – Global Cinema Jeonju International Film Festival: JIFF (2020) – Korean Cinema Nara International Film Festival (2020) Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (2020) – Features Muju Film Festival: MJFF (2020) – Window of Cinema Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2019) – First Feature Competition