Alienoid / 외계+인 1부

Alienoid / 외계+인 1부


Sat. 22.10.2022, 16:30, CineStar
South Korea 2022, 142 Min, OmeU, (Korean)FSK: 15+
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy

In the Goryeo Empire of the 14th century, followers of Taoism look for a legendary sword that can bend time. While searching for the magical blade, swordsman Mureuk (RYU Jun-yeol) meets the mysterious LEE Ahn (KIM Tae-ri), who is also after the sword. In the present day, Guard (KIM Woo-bin) travels through time in pursuit of an escaped alien trapped in a human body. In the process, he causes a rift in the space-time continuum which opens a portal between the times. The paths of both groups cross in a collision of past and future. 

Alienoid is the first film of a two-part series. The movies were shot back-to-back and the second part will be released in 2023. Due to the complexity of the story, CHOI spent two and a half years writing the script.

Director: CHOI Dong-hoon
Screenwriter: CHOI Dong-hoon
Cast: KIM Woo-bin, RYU Jun-yeol, KIM Tae-ri, KIM Eui-seung

Closing Film New York Asian Film Festivals 2022
Fantasia International Film Festival 2022 – Sélection 2022