Supporting Program

Are you ready for an unforgettable anniversary celebration? At the 10th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt we would like to invite the audience to experience Korea’s multifaceted culture up close. This year our cultural supporting program is bigger and more varied than ever and can be explored both online and at numerous locations in Frankfurt.

But our program can also be fully experienced from the comfort of your home. With plenty of videos, tutorials and competitions, we would like to offer an exciting and active online supporting program as well. We do not only present some of our hotspots in more detail but also share informative and interesting posts about Korea. A special highlight is this year’s limited edition of ceramics, which Project K designed together with KimCeramics. We are looking forward to teaming up once more with re*markable, who bring the popular world of K-Pop and dance closer to the audience with their K-Pop Contest.

11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt