Short Vacation / 종착역

Short Vacation / 종착역


24.10.2021, 15.30, Eldorado
South Korea 2020, 79 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 0
Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age

Shortly before summer holidays, the four schoolgirls Si-yeon (SEOL Si-yeon), Yeon-woo (BAE Yeon-woo), So-jung (PARK So-jung) and Song-hee (HAN Song-hee) receive a strange assignment from their teacher: They are supposed to photograph the end of the world. A bit perplexed at first, the four decide to take the subway to the outskirts of the city. But this is only the beginning of their journey.

With their feature film debut, directors KWON Min-pyo and SEO Han-sol deliver an adventure film of a somewhat different (and quieter) kind. Instead of unexplored territories in faraway lands, in Short Vacation the student’s curiosity turns everyday places into strange worlds. The improvised dialogues help to authentically portray the perspectives of the schoolgirls.

Director: KWON Min-pyo, SEO Han-sol
Screenplay: KWON Min-pyo, SEO Han-sol
Cast: SEOL Si-yeon, BAE Yeon-woo, PARK So-jung, HAN Song-hee, KANG Seok-won

2020 Busan International Film Festival
2020 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2021 Berlin International Film Festival
2021 New Directors/New Films

Short Vacation / 종착역
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt