Pipeline / 파이프라인

Pipeline / 파이프라인


21.10.2021, 20:00, Cinestar Kino 3
South Korea 2021, 108 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korean) FSK: 15+
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

South Korea has over 1,200 km of pipeline that acts as the country’s artery and tends to the whole country. “Drill-bit” (SEO In-guk), a drill prodigy, is offered a hefty sum of money by Geon-woo (LEE Soo-hyuk), the head of an oil refining company, to conduct the largest oil heist in Korea: within a month, “Drill-bit” and his team, “Big Shovel” (TAE Hang-ho) , “Mr Na” (YOO Seung-mok), “New Bird” (EUM Moon-suk) and “Counter” (BAE Da-bin), are supposed to drill into the pipeline connecting Honam and Seoul-Busan highway. In theory, it sounds like a good plan. Practically, the team is confronted with unforeseeable events such as delays, mine explosion and, of course, the police.

Director: YOO Ha
Screenplay: YOO Ha, KIM Kyung-chan
Darsteller*innen: SEO In-guk, LEE Soo-hyuk, EUM Moon-suk, TAE Hang-ho, YOO Seung-mok, BAE Da-bin

Pipeline / 파이프라인
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt