In the Name of the Son / 아들의 이름으로

In the Name of the Son / 아들의 이름으로


22.10.2021, 17:00, Cinestar Kino 3
South Korea 2021, 90 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korea) FSK: 12+
Genre: Drama, Thriller

In the Name of the Son tells, in a complex way, about the traumatic event of the Gwangju massacre in 1980 and how it affects peoples’ lives over several generations. The pivot for the drama’s plot is Chae-Gun (AHN Sung-ki), a driver whose life is marked by depression and a broken family. He meets the young waitress Jin-Hee (YUN Yoo-sun), who asks him for a favor: Chae-Gun should act as her fiancé. But as Chae-Gun learns more about the family background of his supposed love affair, he finds out that there is a whole other job waiting for him. .

Director:  LEE Jung-gook
Screenplay:  LEE Jung-gook
Cast: AHN Sung-ki, YUN Yoo-sun, PARK Keun-hyeong, LEE Seung-ho, LEE Se-eun, AHN Soon-dong, KIM Hyeon-sook, JUNG Bo-suck, SONG Young-chan, CHOI Yoon-seul,

he Name of the Son / 아들의 이름으로
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt