Recalled / 내일의 기억

Recalled / 내일의 기억


23.10.2021, 22:00, Cinestar Kino 3
South Korea 2021, 99 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korea) FSK: 15+
Genre: Mystery, Thriller 

After an accident, Soo-jin (SEO Yae-ji) finds herself without any memories.  However, she now possesses the ability to see the future of those around her. While trying to put the puzzle pieces of her memory back together, she comes across a shocking secret that will change the relationship with her husband Ji-hoon (KIM Kang-woo) forever.

SEO Yoo-min is best known for her work as a screenwriter for the movie You Call It Passion. With Recalled as her directorial debut, she celebrated a huge success on the movie’s opening day.

Director: SEO Yoo-min
Screenplay: SEO Yoo-min
Cast: SEO Yea-ji, KIM Kang-woo, YEOM Hye-ran

Florence Korea Film Festival (2021) – Audience Award

Recalled / 내일의 기억
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt