New Year Blues / 새해전야

New Year Blues / 새해전야


29.10.2021, 18:00,  Online
South Korea, 2021, 114 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korea) FSK: 12+
Genre: Comedy, Drama

New Year Blues is a romantic comedy that tells the story of four different couples who experience a romantic week before the New Year. While Ji-hoo (KIM Kang-woo) and Hyo-young (YOO Inna) both come from failed marriages and are not open to new love, Jin-ah (LEE Yeon-hee) meets Jae-heon (YOO Yeon-seok) on the other side of South Korea. At the same time, the international couple Yong-chan (LEE Dong-hwi) and Yaolin (Chen Du-ling), who want to get married, have to face a fraud in which they lose their savings. Paralympic snowboarder Rae-hwan (YOO Teo) wants to propose to his long-time girlfriend Oh-wol (CHOI Soo-young), but to others they don’t seem to be the perfect couple.

Director: HONG Ji-young
Screenplay:KO Myung-joo, HAM Hyung-kyung
Cast: KIM Kang-woo, YOO In-Na, YOO Yeon-seok, LEE Yeon-hee, LEE Dong-hwi, Chen Du-ling, YEOM Hye-ran, CHOI Soo-young, YOO Teo 

New Year Blues / 새해전야
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt