Introduction / 인트로덕션

Introduction / 인트로덕션


23.10.2021, 17.30, Eldorado
South Korea, 2021, 66 Min., OV with Englisch subtitles,  (Korea) FSK: 12+
Genre: Drama

HONG Sang-soo’s Introduction is divided into three parts. The movie tells the story of Young-ho (SHIN Seok-ho) and Ju-won (PARK Mi-so), a young couple, and their relationship over the years. In the first part, Young-ho visits his father (KIM Young-ho), a very busy doctor, while his girlfriend Ju-won waits outside for him. The second part focuses on Ju-won, who moved to Germany to study fashion and stays with her mother’s friend. The third and last part shows Young-ho and his friend meeting up with his mother and his mother’s friend, a famous actor. The young men go for a walk on the beach. There, Young-ho falls asleep and has a strange dream. 

Introduction is HONG Sang-soo’s 25th movie and celebrated its premiere in June 2021 during the Berlin International Film Festival.

Director:  HONG Sang-soo
Screenplay:  HONG Sang-soo
Cast: SHIN Seok-ho, PARK Mi-so, KIM Young-ho

71st Berlin International Film Festival 2021 – Best Screenplay – HONG Sang-soo (Won)
30th Buil Film Awards 2021 – Best Film – Introduction (Nominated)
30th Buil Film Awards 2021 – Best New Actor – SHIN Seok-ho (Nominated)

Introduction / 인트로덕션
11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt