For our tenth anniversary of the Korean Film Festival this year, the films will be shown in the arthouse cinema Eldorado in addition to the original venue. The Eldorado is one of the oldest cinemas in the Main Metropolis, and its long history and central location make it a perfect venue for our film festival. Due to the takeover of the Frankfurt E-Kinos, the Eldorado was converted into one of three arthouse cinemas. Therefore, we would also like to show more Korean indie and arthouse productions to the audience at the Eldorado.

Address: Schäfergasse 29, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Mi., 20.10.2021

Do., 21.10.2021

Fr., 22.10.2021

Sa., 23.10.2021

So., 24.10.2021

Mo., 25.10.2021

Di., 26.10.2021

Mi., 27.10.2021

Do., 28.10.2021

Fr., 29.10.2021

Sa., 30.10.2021

So., 31.10.2021

11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt