Easy Cook Asia

Also this year, EasyCookAsia is supporting us with cooking boxes and discount codes as part of the 10th Korean Film Festival. EasyCookAsia is a Berlin-based company that was founded in 2019. The company offers cooking boxes that contain recipes including all the ingredients that are needed. These are recipes from Thailand, Korea, Japan, India and China, which allow a culinary journey from home into the respective food culture of these countries.
During the film festival, we want to introduce you to EasyCookAsia’s latest creation, which has a special focus on the entire Korean peninsula. The “One Korea Box” includes three dishes from North and South Korea, a surprise gift and a Culture Guide about Korean culture.
From October 20 to 31, you can also get 15% off your order at Easy Cook Asia (@easycookasia_en) with our code “PROJECTK15“!
For more information, visit EasyCookAsia’s website: https://www.easycookasia.de/

11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt