A Bedsore, 욕창

A Bedsore, 욕창


26.10.2021, 18:00, Online
South Korea 2019, 99 Min., OV with English subtitles, (Korea) FSK: 15+
Genre: Drama

Retired civil servant Kang Chang-sik (KIM Jong-goo) lives with his wife, Na Gil-soon (JEON Guk-hyang), who was struck by a cerebral hemorrhage a few years ago, and her caretaker, Yu Soo-ok (KANG Ae-sim), an illegal immigrant from China. Gil-soon’s body develops a bedsore and even though she is in poor shape, Soo-ok insists on taking time off to go out. She decides to quit her job and enter a sham marriage to obtain a new visa. Upon hearing this, Chang-sik suggests they get married; however, his family members all raise objections.

SHIM Hye-jung: “A Bedsore explores the characters’ delicate psychology as well as some incidents related to various issues such as older people, immigrant workers, marriage, and patriarchal traditions. As a result, the film seeks to reveal a cross section of society and offer a chance for us to confront our ontological concerns.”

Director: SHIM Hye-jung
Screenplay: SHIM Hye-jung
Cast: KIM Jong-goo, KANG Ae-sim, JEON Guk-hyang, KIM Do-young, KIM Jae-rok, KIM Joo-ah, KANG Mal-geum, KIM Jung-hyun, LEE Gi-yeol, HONG Ji-seok

2019 Jeonju International Film Festival.
2019 Seoul International Women’s Film Festival.
2019 Seoul International NewMedia Festival.
2019 London Korean Film Festival.
2019 Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival.
2019 Seoul Independent Film Festival.
2020 Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas.

11th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt